22 Jan 2021

New retro-feel yellow dress for Duchess Kate launching ‘Hold Still’ pandemic photo project

The Duchess of Cambridge is asking the public to share their photos, to help document Britain’s experience of the pandemic. She recorded an interview that will be on This Morning later today, wearing a new dress (that I think is icky!). You can read more about the campaign, and how to take part, here.

Kate wore a new piece, which has been identified as the ‘Bracelet-sleeve Acid Tree-print Silk Dress’ from Raey. It features 3/4 sleeves, with squared shoulders, a rounded neck and wavy waistband. Additional panels in the front of the skirt create volume, while the yellow fabric with hints of green and pink add to the retro feel of this dress.

Duchess Kate in a Raey yellow silk acid tree print dress

Bracelet-sleeve Acid Tree-print Silk Dress

It retailed for £495, but was last seen on offer at £195; the dress is sold out.

I am certainly no fan of this dress; the colours just look so washed out, it feels almost like a homemade garment!

We need to get a better look at the earrings, but they could be her Catherine Zoraida fern drop earrings. We will probably know more after the TV interview… updates when we have them!


Thanks to @HeavenQRF for the dress ID

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  • Thank you for the post!!! Yes – you are right! The dress’s design is great, but the material pattern: hideous!


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