Today, the Irish Guards celebrated St Patrick’s Day with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Hounslow Barracks; Catherine handed out shamrocks to the soldiers, something that has become an annual event for the Duchess. As expected, Kate wore green for the occasion.

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Kate chose a custom Alexander McQueen coat, based on a ‘military jacket’. Made from a light wool silk, the piece features a high, stiff pointed collar with seam detail to the edge and closed with hook and eye fastenings. Darts radiate from the neckline towards the chest and back, and also come from the thick waistband up the chest, while the hemline falls just below the knee.

The peaked shoulders add to the military feel, as do the buttons at the waist (one functioning as a belt closure) and one at the neck; these buttons are also seen at the cuff in a group of four. The Duchess refrained from keeping those seen on the peplum of the original jacket, and chose to keep just one peplum flap, which – interestingly – makes the coat look like a skirt suit from the rear.

The jacket is sold out but you can view it here.

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Alexander McQueen Military Jacket
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards St.Patrick’s Day Parade in London. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images
Alexander McQueen Military Jacket

We think the pattern on these buttons are influenced by the shamrock form, but not too obviously so as to not make the coat inappropriate for other occasions. This shows the thought that goes into even the smallest details of a bespoke piece.

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Some also noted the similar dart and waist detailing that we saw on Kate’s coat on Remembrance Sunday last year.

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Catherine’s hat was a new piece, which we think is Lock and Co. The felt percher base sits on the right-hand-side of the head, peaking in width at the top. Here, a number of felt flowers are attached, the petals tied to create the centre of the flowers; one lies on the base, and the other two sit upright on the apex of the hat.

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Our own Michelle notes the similarities of these flowers to ones seen before on a Lock and Co hat.

Catherine also wore her new Gianvito Rossi ‘Piper’ heels with a pointed toe and 85mm curved block heel. These were first earlier this week at at children’s centre in London with a purple pussybow blouse and navy wide-leg trousers; remind yourself here. You can get a pair for £495 here or £510 here.

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Gianvito Rossi 85 block heel pump

We just caught a look at the bag the Duchess carried today, as she handed it to an aide. It was her older Jenny Packham ‘Roxy’ clutch. The bag features a slightly oversized outer, which almost hides the gold-ware and the clasp. The suede fabric is pleated, on the diagonal from the centre, in a symmetrical way. This gives an almost art-deco feel to the bag.

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Jenny Packham Roxy clutch

The Duchess stuck with the green theme, and wore her Kiki McDonough ‘green tourmaline and amethyst drop earrings’. First seen in India in 2016, they sold for £3,500. The green tourmaline stud at the top is surrounded by diamonds and drop down to a green amethyst oval-shaped stones also surrounded by diamonds. The drops are joined in the middle by a single diamond, with the entire earring set in gold.

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Kiki McDonough green tourmaline and amethyst earrings

The Duchess wore the Cartier gold shamrock brooch from the regiment. This simple piece has a central emerald and diagonal lines across the three heart-shaped leaves, and a stem. It once was used by The Queen Mother.

The Duchess of Cambridge wears a shamrock brooch for the 2019 St Patrick’s Day parade. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images
The Duchess of Cambridge at the Northern Ireland annual Garden Party at Hillsborough Castle 2017, wearing a shamrock brooch. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images










While the images have not been too helpful in confirming this, it looks like there is a bow at the base of Catherine’s gloves, making them her Cornelia James ‘Imogen’ bow gloves.

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Cornelia James Imogen Gloves

Kate had her hair in an updo; two plaits cross above a voluminous bun, which is held in place with a hair net. She often wears a variation of this style when she wears hats. You can also see the rear of the earrings below.

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This was another really well put-together look for The Duchess of Cambridge. However, we would love to see her deviate from the green we have expected from her (yes, she did wear brown in 2015, however), to a shade of blue, know as St Patrick’s blue; this is the colour of the feather in the Irish Guards bearskins and actually the traditional hue associated with Ireland. The Queen Mother often wore this shade when handing out shamrocks was one of her duties.

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You can steal Kate’s style here:

Thanks to @LadyParky for the coat ID, and @dataduchess2 for noticing the bag

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