Ahead of Commonwealth Day tomorrow, Catherine was one of numerous senior Royals to participate in a video message to the Commonwealth, led by The Queen and Prince Charles. She and Prince William spoke to various organisations from across the globe about their reaction to Covid-19. Read about the video and individual segments here.

Queen leads Royals in tributes for Commonwealth Day

In contrast with last year’s service at the Abbey, of course, this year’s event was virtual, marked with a televised video message featuring senior Royals.

The Duchess chose her Emilia Wickstead cobalt dress, with slashed neck and typical EW belt. emergencies trust

This is a nice match for the colour, shape and belt (plus size) and this is a slightly different take on it.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore her blue Emilia Wickstead dress

Embed from Getty Images

There were new earrings in town – a set of pearl hoops. They appear to be a closest match to the ‘Aura’ hoop earrings from byBiehl – note the ball at the end of the open hoop and the more square, flatter ‘pearls’ at the front of the hoop. Made of sterling silver, they measure 2cm in the hoop and as you can see, are semi-organic in shape. They cost £69 here.

To replikate the look, try these or these.

byBiehl Aura Pearl Hoop Earrings

Kate also wore her hair a little differently, tucking it behind her ears, with the locks looking straighter than her usual waves/curls.


Thanks to @LadyParky79 for the earring suggestion

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